I personally do not remember this incident.  But, it was told by my Mother many times and I have no doubt of its being true.

The year was around 1938 and I will have to estimate the month to be sometime in the summer.  August would have made me 3 years and 5months old and my brother Carl 9 months old and probably crawling.  Hopefully you will see how all of this pulls together.

Now, try to visualize a country house.  In the bedroom was a clothes closet and within that closet was a toy box.

Now the story can begin:


For some reason not known and/or remembered Mother had left me to watch the baby in the bedroom while she was doing something elsewhere.

I suppose it was me that opened the closet pulled the toy box out; because the story goes that the box was in the middle of the room with some toys out on the floor with the baby nearby on a pallet.

I ran and found Mother, yelling: "NAKE NAKE IN THE TOY BOX!"

Mother said ok play with it, thinking it was the toy jointed wooden snake.


"NO" I cried, "NAKE going to bite baby!" or word to that effect.  With this Mother got the message and ran into the bedroom.

Here she found the TOY SNAKE on the pallet with the baby, but looking into the toy box she saw a real live reptile.

Now it was probably only a non poisiones grass snake, but for all the commotion that followed it could just as well have been

A 10 foot python, rattlesnake or anaconda..... (We will never know).


Mother grabbed the toy box ran out the door and threw it into the yard.

 With a garden hoe, hoe.jpg she proceeded to chop the snake into

Many very small pieces.  How many and how small is also a mystery, but I am sure it was many pieces and very small.

The toy box (and toys) were still in the yard when Daddy got home later that afternoon.  He picked up the scattered toys and toy box

and brought them back into the house where Mother was rocking the baby. Safe from that "NAKE IN THE TOY BOX".  The toy Snake also disappeared.  Do not know if it got the hoe or just the wastebasket.

And so ended the NAKE in the toy box episode.