Sheep Eyes

By: Bobby Wolfe

First I must set the stage for this true story.

I had been retired for more than a year and was not really that busy except for Honey Do's and going fishing when ever I could.  So, when I received a phone call from my oldest daughter, a middle school teacher in Poway, Ca., asking if I would do her a favor and pick up some Sheep Eyes at a medical distribution center and bring them to her Science class the next morning.

After getting instructions on the location, address, and how to find the place, I agreed.  And, the next morning I did in fact pickup the items and proceeded to her school.

She had told me what time the class was scheduled to begin.  I timed my arrival about 3 or 4 minutes after the start of the class.

Knocking on the door to the classroom, I was permitted to enter. (Now here I must add that on the way to pick up the items, I got to thinking just how could I present these things to the students. I made one extra stop, at a costume shop, in the same area as the pickup point.)

Now back to knocking on the door:  I was permitted to enter.  

The item that I purchased was an eye patch.

My daughter told the class that I was her Dad and had picked up the Sheep Eyes for her. 

Before I gave the bag to my daughter, I turned to the class and said, "If anyone finds a small blue eye, give it back, it's mine!"

They all gasp. 

  And at that point I  lifted the eye patch and by daughter said, "Now class you know why I act the way that I do, it comes naturally".

To this day she still tells this story to her classes each year.  And, even better than that, the students that were in the room that day also tell the story.  I do not know if they get any believers or not.  Does it matter?

Actual factual story that happened in August 1998, at Twin Peaks Middle School, Poway, California.

I know it's true because I did it. And, would I lie to you?