This is a Non-Fiction story. I will not add anything to it unless I underline and/or otherwise so note. This story is, as written, told to Mae our Mother and written on 22 October 2007. (Quote).


22 October 2007

The story told to me by Mother is that Papaw King gave the necklace to Granny King prior to their marriage. It originally had a little watch attached, but at some point Papaw took the watch off to use and what became of it no one knows!

(This list is taken from one handwritten by Mother and any notations (*) were told to me by Mother.) (The list is not in order by date worn, just by who has worn it.)

Papaw and Granny were married on March 13, 1904, and Granny wore it on their wedding day. Children born to this union were Rufus, Mary, Winnie, Mabel, Virgie, Seth, and Earl.

Rufus’ only child, Martha, wore chain as did her two daughters Donna and Danita.

Mary wore as did her daughter Joyce. (*Daughter Peggy chose not to since Virgie had worn for her first marriage which ended in divorce and Peggy was superstitious.) However, Janice, daughter of Peggy and granddaughter of Mary, did wear on her wedding day.

Winnie wore on her wedding day.

Mabel wore on her wedding day, May 9, 1933. She had four children Bobby, Carl, Charlotte and Mae. Bobby’s bride did not wear the chain. However, his two daughters Barbara and BeLinda did. Carl married Jayne Coffman and she wore the chain. After their divorce, he married Debbie Stansbury, and she wore it. Carl’s two daughters, Carla and Kimberly, wore on their wedding day. Kelley, birde of Carls’s son Clint, wore it on their wedding day. Charlotte wore the chain as did her daughter Diane and Mae wore chain as did her daughter Nikki.

Virgie wore at her first marriage, but did not on her second. However, her daughter Linda Ann, from second marriage, did wear at her wedding.

Neither Seth’s bride nor daughter wore the chain.

Earl’s bride did not wear the chain, but their daughter, Elizabeth, wore at each of her two marriages.

No reason is known why the ones that did not wear the chain did not. ((Note: Bobby’s bride did not wear because they were married in Taiwan. Shipping would have been a problem. Added 30Oct2010/BCW))

The chain has been worn by twenty-four (24) brides since 3/13/1904. ((Note: add two more making it 26. Katy, granddaughter of Martha and Cassiopeia Barlow, daughter of Barbara, granddaughter of Bobby, great granddaughter of Mabel wore it on her wedding day…added BCW))

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elvira Wright King (1), 13 March 1904

Rufus – Donna: Martha (y)(2) Donna (y), Katy (Donna’s daughter) (y) (25), ____2007, (7) Danita (y)(8)

Mary (y) (3) 8Mar'41: Joyce (y) (9) 4-17-65

Janice (y) (10)

Winnie (y) (4) 8-14-49

Mabel (y)(3) 5-9-33: Jayne (y) (11) 12-28-1957, Charlotte (y)(12) 3-10-63, Mae (y)(13), 12-3-71, Carla (y) 14, Kelley (y)(15), Debbie (y)(16) 9-29-85, Barbara (y)(21May1980), Rose (y) ( ) 20 May 2000.

Virgie (y)(6), 5 Dec 1948, Linda Ann (y) (18) 7June 1968


Earl: Elizabeth (y)(19)&(20) 4-14-__, Kim (y)(21) 11-12-89, Nikki (y)(22) 6-8-90, Dianne (y) (23) 9-14-91, BeLinda (y)(24) 3-7-93. ((this is the end of the list as I received it))(BCW).

Added Katy (25) above.

Add: Cassiopeia (y)(26) 6 April 2008.

(As far as I know at this time the only photo is of Cassiopeia. She used it as ankle bracelet and added a blue dangle to it to make "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue":

Added Barbara, Linda Ann and Charlotte on 3Nov10.





If other photos are available, please send them to me and I will update this page.